This Sunday Morning

Sunday school for children and adults at 9:45

Children (Pre-K through 5th grade)

Growing in 
Grace and Gratitude

Children meet in the Fellowship Hall for singing at 9:45, then split into age groups for classes that end at 10:45

Middle school
and senior high classes meet in the Manse

Adult classes

Dark Brew

Meet in the Parlor for
an energizing, thoughtful
weekly discussion with
plenty of coffee.

Parlor - 9:45 AM


Deep Worship:

Reflections On Today's Scriptures, Prayers, and Hymns

Using the Sunday bulletin, participants will take a closer look at the Sunday Bible passages, the words of the hymns and the prayers. (see Weekly Update for more details)

Andrew Small, Room 5 - 9:45 AM


The Reformation, Protestants and Islam

March 12, 19, and 26th

Matthew Taylor

Reformed Institute of Metropolitan Washington DC Teacher

Matt will discuss with us Islam's role in the Reformation, whether Islam needs its own Reformation, and how we can help build bridges between Presbyterians and our Muslim neighbors.     This series is part of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017












*Taking a class?                        *Puzzling about life issues?           *Need nighttime stories for your children? Check out a packet of ARCH books.                                     *Who was that prophet?

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