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2016-08-21 Dr
2016-04-03 Dr
2015-01-11 DPC SERMON
2015-01-04 DPC SERMON
2014-12-21 DPC SERMON
2014-12-14 DPC SERMON
2014-04-13 DPC CONTATA
2014-03-30 DPC Sermon
2014-03-09 DPC SERMON
2014-01-12 DPC SERMON
2013-12-22 DPC SERMON
2013-12-01 DPC SERMON
2013-11-24 DPC SERMON
2013-11-17 DPC SERMON
2013-10-13 DPC SERMON
2013-10-06 DPC SERMON
2013-05-26 Timidness
2013-05-19 'Our Mission'
2013-05-19 Our Mission
2013-04-28 Rev. Debra McKune
(show description)
2013-04-14 The Exodus
(show description)
2013-04-07 Life Together
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2013-03-23 Easter Sunday, Absurd Goodness and Glory
(show description)
2013-02-24 If...Then....
(show description)
2013-02-10 A Pre-Lenten Resurrection Sermon
(show description)
2013-02-03 What Jesus Believed
(show description)
2013-01-27 Courage and Faithfulness
(show description)
2013-01-20 The Call
(show description)
2013-01-06 Meditation by Carol Erickson
(show description)
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