Christian Education

The Christian Education committee is responsible for the Spiritual Growth of our community; it is our goal to help each member from the smallest to the tallest, to live out their faith every day. (Check out our individual programs at the links to the left.) We are working to have a space here at DPC for all to deepen their faith through Word, Sacrament, and study. Our desire is to create a safe and comfortable environment to explore your faith and come into relationship with your God, where ever you are in your journey.

Ultimately it is our intention to lift up the body of Christ, and to build a community of disciples. We like to approach our spiritual growth from the heart and the head, to appeal to all whom are participating. We are a community of seekers, and want to encourage questions and discussion. You may hear many of us say we are “always reformed and always reforming” — the point of the slogan is that the church is always to be reforming its doctrine and practice according to the Scriptures, as they are the living word.

It is our intention to offer a wide variety of classes and studies so to bring all into a continual learning atmosphere, as our journey is ongoing; this is why it is a journey not a destination. We have purposely set our Sunday morning schedule so to allow all to attend both Education and Worship, we wish to have each member participate in both every week.

To review past Minutes of the Christian Education Committee, please see the following links:

2014 CE Minutes

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2016 CE Minutes

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